Perjalanan Menjadi Global Food Company
Cikal Bakal KML Food adalah PT Kelola Mina Laut (KML) yang didirikan pada tanggal 18 Agustus 1994 oleh Bapak Mohammad Nadjikh.

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Semangat Tingkatkan Kualitas Pendidikan
Perkembangan teknologi yang begitu pesat sangat berpengaruh terhadap dunia pendidikan.

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We are proudly known as reputable seafood company for more than 25 years. Our experience in the seafood industry has helped us to leverage our ability to grow the business. We believe that there is unlimited potential and opportunity in this food industry; therefore, we are now transforming and expanding our industry from seafood to food.


We put a serious concern on brand and distribution matters. We believe that branding plays an important role for company and its products. Through branding and solid distrubtion system, we want to build a relationship with people around the globe. Our distribution covers the global market (export) and the local market in indonesia.


We believe agriculture is another vehicle to build a sustainable food industry. With unlimited source through farming method, it enables us to hold and survive our institution in the food industry. We carefully select agro businesses that are potential and able to help us to deliver our goal. the businesses have been our priority in building agricultural industry.

Aiming to become the first choice in meeting the taste and needs of Indonesian family and worldwide consumer.

We contribute for important role in the food industry and the world of Indonesian culinary.

Being one of The Indonesian Pride Identity.

what they
said about

We want to thanks KML for accepting the responsibility of shipping crab meat by air, something they never had before!

- Rich Pollins, North Coast Seafoods

Thanks to KML, it is a very nice company 

- Servin Stephane RJL

To KML Team : Everyone lives by Selling Something.

- H. Suyoto (Bupati Bojonegoro)

Many thanks to KML. You gave us a fantastic inside new of the fishery industry in Indonesia. Good luck for the future!

- Doris Leuthard, President of the Swiss Confederation (2017)

Semoga selalu Jaya, KML Food – Kitchen of Indonesia.

- Warto Setro Sentono

Sukses Selalu KML Food, Kitchen of Indonesia

- Nelly Oswini

Semoga KML Food Semakin Jaya

- Ifam Kusuma

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